I am Jan-Helme Henke, a Game Designer and Developer. I finished my Studies in Game Design at the HTW Berlin in 2015 and am working in the industry ever since.

Below you can find a collection of some of the work I did during that time.

Butter By The Fish

I am currently working on my own, unannounced project with my teammates at Butter By The Fish.

Professional Work

Sea of Solitude

(2017-20, 3+ Years, Jo-Mei)
Storyheavy adventure game about a young woman diving into a metaphor-filled world, coming to grips with her family trauma.
My tasks included:
– Gameplay programmer for enemies
– Implementation of boat-gameplay
– VFX art
– developing editor tools

King of Karts

(2015-16, 12 Months, wonderkind GmbH)
Mobile fun-racer in the style of mario kart with LAN and splitscreen-capability.
My tasks included:
– team management
– implementation of kart physics, AI, items, UI
– design of game modes and items
– developing editor tools
– Implementation networkcode

The Virus - Cry for Help

(2016, 6 Months, wonderkind GmbH)
A textbased adventure-game for mobile devices, set in a zombie apocalypse
My tasks included:
– building complete codebase, including story scripting tools for author
– Implementing appleWatch-support

University Projects

Bachelor Thesis

(2015, 3 Months)
In my bachelor thesis, I investigated the use of procedurally generated levels as a tool for rapid prototyping.
My tasks included:
– Implementing procedural levelgeneration
– developing simple topdown game


(2013-14, 17 Weeks, 7 Persons)
An asymmetric multiplayer game where up to three players hunt down a giant worm.
My tasks included:
– Game Design, balancing
– implementation of third person gameplay, including camera controlls, network code


(2013, 12 Weeks, 5 Persons)
Nekodo is a two-player turnbased strategy game about bluffing, played on a single device.
My tasks included:
– Game Design and prototyping
– Design and implementation of UI


(2012-13, 17 Weeks, 5 Persons)
USAlien is a game about an Alien training how to infiltrate America.
My tasks included:
– Game Design
– Level Design
– Gameplay Programming



I created about 40 jam games and prototypes in my free time over the last years. This helped me a lot in honing my design sensibilities.
Here is a small collection of my works.


In my free time, I like to experiment with different kinds of art, be it drawing, painting, animation, or pixel art.