My name is Jan-Helme Henke and I am a Game Designer and Developer.

I started my career in game design in Kindergarten drawing levels on paper and giving every stick figure a health bar. I never stopped making games since, which eventually led to my graduation as a Game Designer from HTW Berlin in 2015. I collected professional experience at wonderkind for one and a half years as a mobile game developer, before moving on to work with Jo Mei on Sea of Solitude for three years as a gameplay programmer and vfx artist, as well as over a year working at Pianini on a piano teaching app for kids.


During my career, I worked on a wide range of different genres, from cute puzzlers and turn-based tactic games to mobile arcade racing, first-person stealth, a third-person asymmetrical multiplayer game, and even an award-winning story-driven adventure game about loneliness.

The games I worked on released on a wide variety of platforms, including PC, xBox One, Playstation 4, Android and iOS phones and tablets, AppleTV, FireTV, and the Apple Watch.

While calling myself a Game Designer at heart, I always rolled up my sleeves and dived deep into the code and at times even the art. I create polished gameplay by combining my abilities in game design, programming, and art.

Currently, I am working on an unannounced project with my teammates at Butter By The Fish.

You can get in touch with me via: contact@jhhenke.de