My name is Jan-Helme Henke and I am a Game Designer and Developer.

I started my career in game design in Kindergarten drawing levels on paper and giving every stick figure a healthbar. I never stopped making games since, which eventually led to my graduation a Game Designer from HTW Berlin in 2015. I collected professional experience at wonderkind for one and a half year as a game developer. Currently, I am searching for new opportunities to flex my designer muscles and testing the waters of freelance work.


During my career, I worked on a wide range of different genres, from cute puzzlers and turn based tactic games to mobile arcade racing, first person stealth, and even a third person asymmetrical multiplayer game.

While calling myself a Game Designer at heart, I always rolled up my sleeves and dived deep into the code and at times even the art. I create polished gameplay by combining my abilities in game design, programming, and art.

You can get in touch with me via: contact@jhhenke.de

This is what I can do

Tools and Programming Languages

Unreal Engine
Unity Assets: Various debugging tools
Unity Assets: NodeCanvas, Behaviour Designer, Game Maker

Practiced Skills

Game Design
Implementation and polish of gameplay
Prototyping and Rapid Iterations
Camera Controls
design and implementation UI
Network implementation of Game Mechanics
Editor Tools
AI and Pathfinding