The Virus - Cry for Help

“The Virus – Cry for Help” is a text-based adventure game for mobile┬ádevices, set in a zombie apocalypse happening in the near future. You are the sole contact of Hanna, a surviving scavenger who happens to come upon a mysterious suitcase. You have to help her avoid the military and find out what secrets the locked case holds.

Special about this game is that the story unfolds in real-time, meaning that when Hanna takes a few hours to complete a task, the game is paused during that time. When Hanna wants to talk to the player again, you will get instant-messenger-style notifications from the game.

Project Specifics:
Year: 2016
Company: popclaire and daedalic
Engine: Unity (C#) and xCode (swift) for watch-support
Personal worktime: 6 months fulltime
My Responsibilities included:
I was responsible for the complete code base (getting support with the UI towards the end of the project). Mayor tasks were :
- branching story system with scripting tools for the author
- technical implementation of complete gameloop
- appleWatch-app support